2 Tricky Aspects of Fathering When The Baby Arrives

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2 Tricky Aspects of Fathering When The Baby Arrives

There are scores of outlets for new mothers on how to adjust after the birth of a child, but what about the fathers? In this guide, the topics that await new fathers will be addressed to give new dads the opportunity to contribute positively to a growing family. While dads will never understand all of the complexities that go into bringing a baby into the world, their role is vital and a proper supporting role will work to tremendous effect in ushering in a new addition to the family while maintaining the harmony of a happy home. Scheduling and communication are two of the trickiest aspects of life a new father will need to manage.


There is no blanket idea of the schedule when a new baby arrives. Any plans that a family can make before the birth are pointless; the baby will have a major say as to who does what and when. The key to planning for a post-birth schedule is to plan for how you will each deal with the circumstances as they unfold. 

Some babies sleep during the night quickly after they come home. Others sleep during the day. A new father who is responsible for providing financially – often solely for the first few weeks and beyond – should plan to have his routine altered to accommodate for the baby and the new mother. There is a chance that the scheduling will pose little conflict to your already established schedule, but there is equal chance that a new schedule will run in complete contrary to the way things have been done until now.


Communication is an important part of any relationship and under any circumstances. Communication after the baby arrives is no less important but may be different. Part of a healthy line of communication relies upon expectations. After being in a relationship with your mate, you may have been able to settle into a comfort-zone where you and she can communicate based on what you have learned to expect from one another. A new baby will challenge that level of understanding in ways that you may not expect.

In order to ensure there is not a communication breakdown that can lead to other stressful aspects of the relationship, err on the side of being too verbal. It may be the case that the new mother yearns for independence or requires more of you than you may have anticipated. Instead of trying to read the situation or falling back on other situations you have observed, try taking the initiative to ask what would be helpful. Trust that after having those conversations the needs of the mother may change or she may need more or less from you on a daily basis.

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