3 Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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3 Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight that was gained during pregnancy is a common goal and often a frustrating pursuit. The difficulty of losing weight after giving birth is made more challenging by the duties of a new mother. New moms search for corners of time and energy where they can find an opportunity to resume their workout regimen. Added to the cumbersome task is the fact that breast-feeding mothers need to be mindful of their eating habits and make sure to keep their diet in the best interests of a growing and nursing baby. Keep these tips in mind as you fashion a schedule and routine for losing weight after pregnancy.

1. Eating Healthy

Normally, dropping pounds means a combination of exercise and dieting. After giving birth, many doctors recommend that you not embark on a new diet – in the traditional sense of the world. Cutting calories and denying yourself the kinds of foods you like to eat can actually lead to weight gain. Instead, follow a schedule dictated by your body by eating when you are hungry. Part of the challenge of returning to your pre-baby weight is the stress that is brought about by having a new little one in the home. Adding to that stress by obsessing over a diet or missing those foods that would make you feel better is not a winning strategy to lose weight.

2. Drinking

Drink plenty of water. Your body needs the hydration – especially if you are breastfeeding. Water aids in digestion and making sure the nutrients from your food are absorbed properly as well as delivering waste efficiently to keep you regular. Water is a zero calorie drink and offers a healthy and fat free alternative to flavored water drinks.

3. Exercise 

Exercise is critical for anyone trying to lose weight. Burning calories allows you to create a caloric deficit: burning more calories than you consume. When you have an infant in your care, finding the time and energy to exercise can be challenging. Try a more routine active as you take care of the baby. Instead of a drive before nap-time, go for a stroll. Use the weight of the baby to add a little resistance to everything you do. Use a sling or carrier to allow baby to tag along while you do your normal tasks around the house.

Your body is already geared toward dropping the pounds after baby arrives; especially if you are breastfeeding. You may need to give Mother Nature a little nudge by being active and drinking water, but eliminating as much stress as possible will be your key to losing the weight and being healthy.

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