How to Keep a Workout Regimen Progressing While Traveling

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How to Keep a Workout Regimen Progressing While Traveling

Traveling presents a whole host of challenges to your daily routines. Those who are dieting will need to plan ahead to find ways to stay on their chosen path for eating. Another critical part of your normal daily life includes your workout. To make sure you stay on target and keep your workout regimen progressing toward being in better shape and maintaining your weight, create a workout plan that you can take on the road.

Many hotels have fitness centers that you can use to keep yourself in shape while traveling. Some drawbacks to the fitness centers are that they often have a limited array of equipment and the hours they are open may not coincide with your available time for a workout. If the fitness center in your hotel provides adequate equipment and convenient hours, the center is your best bet for a quality session. Here are a few ways to get in the type of workout you need without having access to a fitness center.

The seemingly easiest part of your workout routine is cardio work. Unfortunately, while you’re traveling, the weather might not be conducive for running or a brisk walk. Going out for a 5k run is no picnic in St Paul, MN in January or Palm Springs in August. In order to give yourself the best cardio workout when the weather or terrain presents a problem is to find ways to get your heart rate up to an active rate in the confines of a hotel room.

The quickest way to achieve an active heart rate is by moving your largest muscles vigorously for at least 20 minutes. Exercises such as squats and lunges engage your legs and can strengthen muscles while improving flexibility and working your heart for fat-burning and endurance building.

Another way to combine your strength training and cardio building is to combine exercises. Try moving through a group of exercises you can do with just a floor. Go from push-ups to crunches and back to push-ups. You can even use jumping-jacks and lunges for a four part routine that will burn fat and tone muscle.

When replacing a run or walk with body-weight exercises, leave as little as one minute between stages to keep your heart rate up throughout your workout.

Keep in mind that your workout routine should be performed during the times of day when your body can take the most benefit from your efforts. Burning fat is best achieved on an empty stomach. Drinking water and working out in the morning will burn the most fat as your body isn’t able to burn the food you’ve eaten; only the fat you’ve stored. Conversely, working out in the evening can cause you to experience difficulty falling asleep. Find nooks of time during the day that will allow you to get a solid workout while not disrupting your sleep of other items of your travel itinerary.

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