School Training Program for Beebe High School Arkansas

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School Training Program for Beebe High School Arkansas

This article reports on the plans to implement a training program for Beebe High School, Arkansas. This will be in response to the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) demand for such an evaluation. As a fresh graduate of Recruiting and Retention School, I will do all that I can to deliver the best plan that if implemented, will change many schools in the larger United States of America (USA) (Kliebard, 2004). 

Before coming up with my proposals, I will first of all carry out an evaluation of this school. This will acquaint me with the relevant information I will use as a baseline for my analysis. In doing this, I will focus on the following areas:


Knowing the total number of learners in this school is very important. It will help me in making the right decision without any over estimation. As a result, I will come up with the right mode of instruction to adopt.

Economic status

Ascertaining the level of economy of this school and the learners will help me in designing an appropriate program. In other words, the program should be appropriately based on this. 

 Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC).

When doing this activity, I will consider JROTC. It is the military department that deals with the high school pupils. Therefore, before designing a program, I consider its policies and guidelines. If I do this, I will not do anything contrary to its demands (Kliebard, 2004). 

Military reputation

The success of my plan will depend on the general image of military to the public. Depending on this, I will design the program to restore confidence to the people. As a result, it will make the program appealing to them. 

The program

The above evaluation will acquaint me with the appropriate information to use in a proper designing of the training program to be used in other schools. If I do this, I will get an admirable training program with the following features:

It should be dynamic

A dynamic program will be flexible enough to cater for the diverse needs of the learners. A typical program brings together many learners from different backgrounds. All of them have varying needs and abilities. In order to make them fit in the military career, special attention should be taken to deal with each of them.  If this is done, the program will make sense to them.

It should be psychologically sound

A good program should incorporate all the theories of learning to make it applicable in various situations. It should clearly spell out the expository and heuristic strategies to be adopted during its implementation. The inclusion of the techniques will help the program to appeal to the learners. Besides, it will make it easier to handle the learners without many problems. Eventually, they will understand what is being taught (Lutz, & Lesley 2009).

It should be relevant

The program should address the prevailing conditions in the learners’ environment. Meaning, it should cater for newness, creativity and novelty. Such experiences will help learners to relate the learning to their real life hence appreciating the program. If the content is not addressing real issues affecting the learners, it will lack credibility. This means that it should have the recommended scope for a thorough cultivation of the learners’ attitudes, interests, skills and appreciations (Lutz, and Lesley 2009).

In conclusion, I would like to agree with the fact that a training program can only succeed if it is well designed to address the diverse needs of the recruits. Therefore, in designing military training program for the high school pupils, an extensive research should be carried out to ascertain the extent to which it will succeed. For it to appeal to the target group, it should be dynamic and relevant to them. Otherwise, none of them will aspire to joining military.  


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