Top Tourist Destinations of 2020 for Students

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Top Tourist Destinations of 2020 for Students

Every year, millions of students travel the world to see and experience different cultures. Some of the excursions are for recreation or study that opens the world for a whole host of favored destinations. Some of the top destinations for 2020 are perennial favorites while some host events that make this year a particularly attractive time for a visit.


Europe is rich with hot-spots for tourism. The European Union nations offer a wide variety of cultures and climates for year-long adventure. Student flights to Europe can be secured at a discount by choosing a travel service online or a regular travel agency. Specifically in 2020, Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympic Games. The bar was set high for the Games by the last hosting city, Beijing. Visit the UK to see how the Brits fare at hosting.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean nations and territories are commonly thought of when imagining rest and relaxation. Jamaica, Aruba, and other islands provide the scenery and weather perfect for party-goers. Students can also take advantage of the opportunities for service work as there are considerable areas of poverty that could use the help from young, fit students.  


The climate in Florida makes the Sunshine State an all year destination choice for those seeking to escape the cooler temperatures of the north. With world-famous resorts and attractions, students can opt for the family fun of Walt Disney World in the Orlando area or the beach activities of the southern part of the state. The gulf coast of Florida provides an atmosphere more commonly associated with southern Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  Warm water and local cuisine and flavor await a student heading to Florida this year.


Hawaii is often used as a euphemism for Paradise. The mountains and beaches are plenty for students looking for variety in their vacation destination choice. Cruises are available from California as well as packages to save money on student flights. Lear to surf on the big Hawaiian waves, explore dormant volcanoes or just relax in the breezy sun of one of the gorgeous islands; Hawaii is always a good choice for vacation.


Alaska is the number one cruise destination in the world. Because of the extreme northern latitude, cruises are only available from May to September and dates on either end of the season are often canceled due to the weather and ice conditions. If you choose a land excursion, scores of companies offer packages for exploring the wilderness of the largest state in the country. The winter offers nearly 24-hour darkness while the summer is the time of the “midnight sun.” See glaciers or Alaskan wildlife – or both!


The Asian nations are as diverse as they are populous. The atmosphere in China offers a different flavor than the technologically advanced Japanese cities. Some of the southern Asian locales have pristine beaches and luxurious resort facilities. A common draw to Asia is the blending of tradition and innovation. In Asia you are as likely to see the oldest known exhibits and the gadgets of the future in the same day; a perfect spot for rest and study.


African safaris are about as adventurous as it comes.  Northern Africa boasts the nearly unimaginable pyramids and other ancient wonders while South Africa dangles as closely to Antarctica as any spot in the world. Visit the western coast to learn of the trading that brought slaves to the New World or head to the northeast to see the palaces and examples of oil money excess.

South America

South America offers warm climates and multiple nations with two official languages. To the north, students can travel to tropic destinations including beaches and the usual trappings of tropical vacationing. Brazil provides both the opportunity for sun and fun as well as exposure to the only non-Spanish-speaking culture in South America.


Australia is included in popular destinations that provide a mixture of experiences to be had. The larger cities like Sydney can be enjoyed for its metropolitan atmosphere while the rural areas and outback provide experiences unique to down under.

The Mediterranean 

The Mediterranean is home to a plethora of destination points. To the north, students can choose to see the ancient ruins of Italy and Greece or enjoy the Riviera beaches. The southern part of the sea washes ashore on the banks of historical sites in Egypt and other northern Africa nations.

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